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Missions at Grace

Grace is enthusiastically engaged in sharing the Gospel — the Good News of salvation by God’s grace, through faith in Christ — with people from all parts of the world. The most effective way for us to do that is to support those who have been called to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

The Grace Mission Statement is: “Enable the congregation of Grace Church to embrace God’s vision for the unreached peoples of our community, our nation, and the world.”

The Grace Missions Committee has oversight of our Missions program. During the season we have missionary moments to keep the congregation informed as to updates and prayer requests.

February is our annual “Missions Festival” month when on each weekend the church focuses on specific areas of ministry around the world.

A highlight of our Missions program is the annual Missions Festival which is held in February. This event features a missionary keynote speaker, a breakfast, banquet and other missionary guests as available. In concert with the Missions Festival, we also raise support for a specific project. In 2018 we provided French language books for the library at the Docine Christian Academy in Haiti.

Missionaries to whom we commit our support financially and in prayer are in:
Canada-First Nations People, Czech Republic, Japan, France, US-Native Americans, Reformed University Fellowship at Florida Gulf Coast, Mission to the World – Atlanta, and Mission to North America – Sarasota/Bradenton. In addition we support Missionary Agencies such as Agape Flights (Venice) and Pregnancy Solutions (Charlotte County).

Committee Members

John and Nancy Bower
George Bingley
Mary Brooks
Cindy Clopton
Carole Mitchell
Bob Rhodes – Chairman
Wendy Stewart
Jim Tisdale
Lee Vermont


Missions Festival 2021

Embracing Missions in the Digital Age Sunday february 7th          9:15 am AND 10:30 am-Nicole britton WITH THE TWIG         MISSIONS PROJECT 2021 Sunday february 14th (via zoom or video)         9:15 AM-THE MARTINS SERVING WITH SERGE         10:30 AM- Davidson and Katie Jean-Rejouis serving in France SUNDAY…